We provide your child with a comprehensive, play-based approach to learning.

At Apple a Day we believe in setting the stage for lifelong learning with healthy building blocks. From infancy to kindergarten, children progress through many developmental stages.

Because each stage is so unique, our school is physically divided into age-specific classrooms. We have developed a program tailored for each age group that will set your...



Apple a Day Preschool 5013 El Camino Avenue Carmichael, CA 95608    
To schedule a tour or inquire about enrollment, please call (916) 396-4337 or (916) 481-5400.
A Healthy Place for Kids to Grow... 

As a busy parent, you understand the importance of finding safe, healthy child care that fits your schedule. You're looking for a place that will keep your child safe and happy while offering a kindergarten readiness program. A program that will nurture your child physically, emotionally and academically from infancy to the first day of kindergarten. Apple a Day Preschool and Infant Center understands your family's needs.
Healthy Highlights:
• Family Nurse Practitioner owned and operated
• Nutritious meals cooked on-site
• Good health habits practiced
• Antibacterial hand sanitizer in every classroom
• Fresh air and exercise on tree-shaded playground
• Sunscreen applied every afternoon
• Potty training for all age groups
Safety Features:
• Key pad security entrance
• All staff CPR / First Aid trained
• Automated fire alarm system
• Fully fenced and secure play area
Curriculum Components:
• Creative art
• Reading fundamentals
• Science projects
• Math skills
• Music and movement
• Sign language
• Spanish
Extras for Parents:
• Family get-togethers hosted by school
• Monthly curriculum newsletters
• Flexible scheduling options including drop-in
• Daily report sheets for infant/toddler programs
• Communicative and supportive staff

We think our center offers families the best child care option in town.
Please visit us, we think you’ll agree!

Our Philosophy:
We believe a healthy child is a happy child. Nutrition, exercise and cleanliness are all essential elements of the Apple a Day program. Apple a Day kids explore, experiment and create in a safe and healthy environment. Healthy kids, healthy minds and healthy families -- that's what Apple a Day is all about.

Our Mission Statement:
We believe children are happiest when they are physically comfortable and offered fun and educational activities. We believe parents are happiest when they trust their child is safe and well cared for each day. We strive to achieve both with our healthy program.