Apple a Day Preschool and Infant Center was created by a Nurse Practitioner so your kids stay healthy.

Alice Haines, RN, FNP
Previous Owner

A love of children and a desire to offer parents another option to standard child care scheduling sparked Alice to begin Apple a Day. The center has now kept young families healthy and happy for almost a decade.

Alice worked as a childrenís hospital nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner in the UC Davis Health System for fifteen years before opening Apple a Day. Sheís been a working mother of three and has navigated the child care scene herself. While in college she worked at the CSUS Childrenís Center for four years. Additionally, she has owned a medical legal consulting firm that gave her experience in business ownership...




To schedule a tour or inquire about enrollment, please call (916) 396-4337 or (916) 481-5400.

We Offer a Healthy Program for Every Age

One of the most important decisions new parents make is where to leave their baby when they are away. Rest assured Apple a Day is a clean and healthy place for your little one to spend time. They will crawl, scoot and laugh in a sunlit room with teachers who love their job. Your baby will have plenty of time for physical development from “tummy time,” to learning to sit, to practicing standing.

Our main goal is to nurture not only your baby, but you too. As a new parent you're elated, yet tired, and our staff understands your need for communication and reassurance. You can drop in anytime to see your little one, and breastfeeding at the center is encouraged.

At Apple a Day you can be confident that your baby will be safe and happy until in your arms again.

imgOnce your baby learns to walk, a new world opens up to them. Our toddler room is just what the doctor ordered. Art projects, reading and music time are all in a day’s work for your young walker. Your child’s day will be scheduled with
fun activities, healthy meals and quiet rest times to keep
both mind and body healthy.

Your child will spend time finger painting, reading books and playing. Music is offered throughout the day and your child will enjoy dancing with bubbles and new friends. Our goal is to allow your child to learn and grow in a fun and safe atmosphere until you return.

Two Year Old
imgAs the parent of a two-year-old, you understand the changes your little one is going through better than anyone. Apple a Day will focus on your child’s social skills, language development, self-care concepts, problem solving and potty training.

At this age we believe a child benefits from a beginning curriculum that offers creative art, reading, music, math and science. Your child will learn to sit in group-time and explore how fun it is to share with playmates. From playing with friends to counting to ten, our two-year-olds embark on each day with a spirit of fun that allows them to learn so much.

imgHere at Apple a Day, preschoolers are kept busy with indoor educational activities and outdoor play. Throughout the day your child will move from free-choice activity stations to curriculum activities. Lots of arts and crafts, as well as music will fill your child’s hours. Teaching children to positively interact with their peers is also a priority.

Apple a Day follows the Mother Goose Time Curriculum that prepares your child for kindergarten. Morning and afternoon group time will give your child a chance to practice letters
and their sounds, as well as learning about weather and counting. Plenty of outdoor time gives your child their necessary exercise.

Most important of all, our curriculum is consistent with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines for curriculum content and aligns with the Head Start Framework Indicators. This means your child is experiencing the most up-to-date curriculum available.

Apple a Day gives your child a healthy foundation for lifelong learning.